NC: Divorce

While North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, it does have a separation requirement. The spouses must live separately for twelve months, with the intention to do so permanently prior to filing an action for divorce. During the separation period, and before the divorce can be finalized, the divorcing spouses must raise all legal issues that involve alimony or property division, or they will be barred from raising the issues. There are online divorce kits and pro se forms at most courthouses, but you would be well served to contact an attorney and make sure that the forms are going to work for you.  Getting a divorce and then coming in to see what can be done about, say, selling your house that still has your spouse listed as on the deed is not the way to go.

A divorce is going to take between forty-five and sixty days at a minimum to process in most counties, so do not plan a second wedding until you have a divorce judgement in hand.