Should I Take Half the Money in the Bank Account?

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Taking money from a bank account prior to or during a separation or divorce can feel like the right thing to do. In this episode, your host and guide, Attorney Leigh Sellers, discusses why your best move is to discuss your goals and the facts of your unique situation with your attorney before taking money or other assets.

Key insights from the episode:

1:19 – What is “marital property?” 2:11 – When the clock stops on marital property in North Carolina and South Carolina. 3:09 – Potential consequences to consider prior to taking assets 4:53 – Should you keep putting money into a joint account? 5:40 – When taking funds from a joint account may be the right move. 6:11 – What to do if your spouse has taken all the money. 6:58 – Things to consider before making substantial financial transactions during separation and divorce. 8:23 – Should you hide money?    ***   The insights and views presented in “Welcome to Splitsville” are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Nor does tuning in to this podcast constitute an attorney-client relationship of any kind. If you’re ready for compassionate and reliable legal guidance on your journey through divorce, contact Leigh Sellers and her team (NC & SC) at

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