How Much Will Alimony Be?

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Alimony is often a stressful subject for anyone in a combined financial relationship. How much will I get? How much will I have to pay? How long does alimony last?

In this episode, your host and guide, Attorney Leigh Sellers, discusses the legal implications of alimony and makes sure you’re prepared for this next step in your life.

Key insights from the episode:

2:21 – General rules for establishing alimony 2:55 – Understanding the terms “dependent spouse” and “supporting spouse” 3:20 – What if the family has been supported by a third party or a trust? 4:48 – The factors the Court uses to determine how much alimony is fair. 8:16 – How infidelity, marital misconduct, and fault factor into the alimony analysis 10:07 – Actions that may bar a spouse from receiving alimony 12:15 – The tax implications of alimony 13:13 – Preparing to discuss alimony with your attorney 18:53 – Understanding your budget and planning for new expenses   If you believe you are a candidate for receiving or paying alimony, call 704-936-0062 to speak with an experienced Touchstone Family Law attorney today.    ***   The insights and views presented in “Welcome to Splitsville” are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Nor does tuning in to this podcast constitute an attorney-client relationship of any kind. If you’re ready for compassionate and reliable legal guidance on your journey through divorce, contact Leigh Sellers and her team (NC & SC) at

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