Am I Legally Married?

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Are you questioning if you are legally married, or you may know you are legally married but a problem has occurred and now you want to see if you can get out of it without going through all the hoops of a divorce? If that sounds like you or you are interested in finding out more about what it takes to be legally married, be common law married, or get an annulment in  North or South Carolina, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Splitsville.

This episode of “Welcome to Splitsville” starts with a conversation about annulments — getting a marriage declared void by the court (2:45). Reasons a marriage could be void always relate to a condition that existed at the time of the marriage. These include a prior marriage still existed, a party lacked consent, an improper officiant was used, a false representation of pregnancy was made, or sexual impotence existed. Lee also notes that while an annulment may not be faster and does not negate any child support obligations, it takes away the right to alimony and property distribution that a divorce includes.

Another issue with whether a marriage is legal is common-law marriage (18:42). While North Carolina does not recognize common-law marriage, South Carolina does recognize it. In South Carolina, the marriage doesn’t have a license, and there was no official ceremony, but you have an informal, but a mutually understood agreement by both parties to be married and have publicly represented yourself as being married. 

If you have questions about if you are legally married or maybe you are seeking an annulment, consult a local family law attorney. If you are in North or South Carolina, you can contact Leigh Sellers and her team at and 704-936-0062.

The insights and views presented in “Welcome to Splitsville” are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Nor does tuning in to this podcast constitute an attorney-client relationship of any kind. If you’re ready for compassionate and reliable legal guidance on your journey through divorce, contact Leigh Sellers and her team at

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