Welcome To Splitsville Podcast


Touchstone Family Law’s founder, Leigh Sellers, serves as your guide through the foreign world of Splitsville – an alien place with its own rules, its own expectations, and even its own language. You won't find it on Google Maps, and your GPS won't work here. So if you’re feeling lost, you’re in the right place.

With decades of experience serving clients in North Carolina and South Carolina, Leigh Sellers is the seasoned divorce attorney with the answers you seek. “Welcome to Splitsville” tackles some of the trickiest topics in the family law field, including separation, how to get a divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, adultery, division of property, and more.

Divorce and adjusting to the new family dynamic of living in two separate households can be overwhelming for anyone, especially children. On this episode of Welcome to Splitsville, we explore how a child therapist can help families going through a divorce. Today’s conversation is with Maria Curran from The Center for Creativity and Healing. Maria is a therapist with over ... Read More
Divorce does not have to be an exclusively adversarial process. Today, collaborative divorce is becoming more mainstream and in this episode of Welcome to Splitsville, we explore the benefits of using a financial advisor in a collaborative divorce. Today we’re back with Beth Gregg, Wealth Manager, CDFA, Financial and Divorce Planner, and Managing Partner at Fairview Strategic Partners. If you ... Read More
There are several areas of family law that are darker than most, and one is the topic of this episode, domestic violence. If you are in one a relationship that is abusive and thinking of reaching out or know someone who is struggling to get out of an abusive relationship, today’s conversation with Jamie Sellers from Safe Alliance on how ... Read More
Are you divorced or separated with children and considering a move, either just for yourself or with a new partner? The elevatable question pops up, can move with my children, to another city or another state, away from the other parent? If that sounds like you or you are interested in finding out more about this complicated child custody issue ... Read More
Are you questioning if you are legally married, or you may know you are legally married but a problem has occurred and now you want to see if you can get out of it without going through all the hoops of a divorce? If that sounds like you or you are interested in finding out more about what it takes ... Read More
Doctor Trey Ishee of Southeast Psych joins the podcast this week to discuss common mistakes divorcing parents make. Trey shares personal anecdotes from his career as well as a number of strategies to overcome these common mistakes and/or avoid them all together. While openly embracing pop culture and superheroes, Trey provides psychotherapy to children, families, and parents. His training, research, and ... Read More
You’ve been separated for a year. No assets, no kids, not even a dog to fight about. You just want a quick and simple divorce so you can move on with your life. You may even be asking yourself if you need an attorney at all. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. The good news is, based ... Read More
Breta Collins of Dilworth Counseling is back to discuss the unpleasant task of divorcing a narcissist. The Mayo Clinic defines narcissistic personality disorder as a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. In this episode, Breta helps you formulate ... Read More
Mediation is a wonderful opportunity to resolve your dispute without throwing your case on the mercy of a judge. In fact, courts in North Carolina and South Carolina require mediation for most divorce and child custody cases. In this episode, your host and guide, Attorney Leigh Sellers, discusses the benefits of mediation versus litigation and outlines how to best prepare yourself for mediation. ... Read More
Diane McDermott is back to walk you through the ins and outs of buying your post-divorce home. After a stressful home-buying experience during her own divorce, Diane has focused her real estate business on guiding divorcing women through the home buying process. Did you get your free copy of Diane’s ebook for women homebuyers? The Badass Chick’s Guide to Home Buying You can connect ... Read More
Purchasing a home after a divorce can be an overwhelming process. Adding stress to the process, this is often the first time a person has bought a home by themselves. Struggling with this process after her own divorce prompted Diane McDermott to focus her Real Estate business on helping divorcing women during the home buying process. Diane has also authored an ... Read More
The holidays are often a stressful time for any family, but for a newly divorced family, the holidays can be disastrous. Can I take the kids to my parents for Thanksgiving? Why should he get to spend Christmas morning with the children? How about spring break and Easter?  For those of you entering the first holiday season of your separation or divorce, your ... Read More
One of my goals when working with a divorcing client is to help them create a positive financial future for themselves after divorce. I do that by collaborating with professional Financial Analysts like Beth Gregg. Beth is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst with Fairview Strategic Partners and has been providing financial consulting for more than 20 years in Charlotte, North Carolina. You ... Read More
Suspected infidelity, child custody actions, divorce actions, and domestic violence are just a few of the reasons a person may consider hiring a private investigator. In this episode, your host and guide, Charlotte Family Law Attorney Leigh Sellers, sits down with Private Investigator Jan Barefoot, founder of Barefoot Professional Investigations. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Barefoot Professional Investigations has been providing ... Read More
For some parents, the prospect of telling their children about the decision to divorce can be among the most difficult parts of the process. What do we tell them? How much do we tell them? Are there things we shouldn’t say? Do we talk to them together or individually? How do we discuss this in a way that is developmentally appropriate ... Read More