How to Protect Yourself From Invasion of Privacy During Divorce

You might be shocked to find out getting a divorce is not the most private matter. On this episode of Splitsville, we explore the area of computer forensics and talk about how you can protect yourself from invasions of privacy in the world of divorce.

Today’s conversation is with Clark Walton. He is an attorney with a background in computer science and forensics. Clark and his firm advise clients on how best to preserve things like text messages or internet history, and the firm also does investigative work to retrieve data. If you are going through a divorce with digital evidence or may be thinking some digital evidence might be out there that might affect your relationship, this conversation is for you. Welcome to Splitsville.

Clark starts our conversation by telling our listeners who are his typical clients and what his firm does for most clients (2:22) Several laws limit what Clark and his firm can do. Clark explains what he can do legally and what is off limits. (9:05) Clark then talks about the ways data can be leaked for those using Apple products and his advice to secure those devices so a divorcing spouse or anyone else cannot access that data. (13:19)

Clark talks about the steps that he goes through to collect data and investigate someone else’s device properly. (27:57) With today’s apps and operating systems, deleting something permanently can be very hard. Clark talks about how likely it is to recover deleted data. (35:58) Clark also discusses what types of technology listeners need to be most concerned about protecting. (38:32)

Clark discusses spoofing and how fitness trackers, in-car GPS devices, and IP cameras can hold information. (44:10) Clark wraps up this episode talking about the increased vulnerability of Android devices versus Apple products. (55:29)

For more information on Clark Walton visit his website at or give Clark a call at 980-335-0710.

If you have questions about digital forensics and divorce, consult a local family law attorney. If you are in North or South Carolina, you can contact Leigh Sellers and her team at

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