“How Am I Going to Buy a House?” with Diane McDermott

Diane McDermott is back to walk you through the ins and outs of buying your post-divorce home.

After a stressful home-buying experience during her own divorce, Diane has focused her real estate business on guiding divorcing women through the home buying process.

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You can connect with Diane at cbbuyersagent.com, dmcdermottcharlotte@gmail.com, and 704.516.3691

Key insights from the episode:

2:10 – The first step to buying a house after your divorce

7:11 – Customizing a plan to find your ideal home

8:36 – The pros and cons of using online real estate search tools

9:45 – The average timeframe buyers spend searching for a home

10:33 – Get ahead by taking these steps before you start looking for a home

12:33 – Additional documentation divorced/divorcing homebuyers may need

12:57 – The important reason you should always speak with a family law attorney before buying a house during your divorce

16:06 – What you can expect after you have a house under contract

20:07 – What happens when the contract price is higher than the appraised value

25:02 – The average length of time it takes to close on a home

26:41 – Diane’s best advice for a positive home buying experience

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