Financial Pitfalls in Divorce with Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Beth Gregg

One of my goals when working with a divorcing client is to help them create a positive financial future for themselves after divorce. I do that by collaborating with professional Financial Analysts like Beth Gregg. Beth is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst with Fairview Strategic Partners and has been providing financial consulting for more than 20 years in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can connect with Beth at and 704.247.9494.

Key insights from the episode:

3:20 – Avoiding common financial mistakes during divorce

5:04 – Why you should always speak with an attorney and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst before you tell your spouse you want a divorce.

7:09 – Bring this information with you when meeting with your financial analyst

8:44 – What to do if you can’t get the necessary information from your spouse 

10:11 – Why you need a post-divorce budget

18:45 – Financial planning to take care of your children AND yourself

25:24 – How being overly contentious can backfire

27:26 – Retirement planning and divorce

31:27 – Free and inexpensive resources and information in Charlotte

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The insights and views presented in “Welcome to Splitsville” are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Nor does tuning in to this podcast constitute an attorney-client relationship of any kind. If you’re ready for compassionate and reliable legal guidance on your journey through divorce, contact Leigh Sellers and her team (NC & SC) at

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