Divorce, Debt, & Bankruptcy with Attorney Heather Culp

While many people are familiar with divorce stemming from infidelity, abuse, addiction, or growing apart, what’s not often discussed is the toll that financial stress can take on a marriage. Job loss, illness, disability, student loans, poor financial planning, and changes in the economy can all lead an otherwise happy couple down the path of separation and divorce.

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In this episode, your host and guide, Attorney Leigh Sellers, sits down with Charlotte bankruptcy attorney Heather Culp. Heather has been assisting clients with debt, credit, and bankruptcy issues in Charlotte for more than fifteen years. In addition to representing clients, Heather served as 2017-2018 president of the Mecklenburg County Bar and served on the Board of Governors of the North Carolina Bar Association and North Carolina Bar Foundation. Heather also volunteers with Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and Legal Aid of North Carolina, Inc., handling cases for people who would otherwise be unable to afford representation. You can connect with Heather at EssexRichards.com or at 704.377.4300.

Key insights from the episode:

5:05 – The reasons bankruptcy is more common than many people realize

6:45 – Why bankruptcy, like divorce, can be the best way out of a bad situation

8:02 – The most common types of bankruptcy for individuals and married couples

10:23 – Should a married couple file for bankruptcy jointly or individually?

14:18 – Why it’s important to discuss debt and bankruptcy issues with an attorney prior to divorce.

17:20 – What you need to know about exempting your property from creditors and the bankruptcy trustee.

21:16 – The special protection that North Carolina law gives to real estate owned by married couples

23:40 – These debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy

27:27 – Why it’s important to speak with an attorney before attempting to resolve debt and bankruptcy issues yourself.

31:37 – What to do if you get a notice of bankruptcy from your ex-spouse.

32:49 – How a bankruptcy filing can eliminate a divorcing couple’s credit card debt, medical debt, business debt, tax debt, car loans and more.

33:10 – When alimony and child support get paid before creditors

34:57 – Why it’s important to be completely honest with the bankruptcy court about your assets and liabilities

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