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It seems that I have been a student of divorce my entire life. I experienced divorce as a child and later watched as high school friends endured their parents’ divorces. As an adult, I have listened to my adult friends and some close family members as they went through separations and divorces. I understand how the process of separation and divorce can eat away at the lives of the participants. I also know that the decisions made by parents during their divorce have a tremendous effect on the children – decisions that can shape relationships with their parents for the rest of their lives.

Before founding Touchstone Family Law, I was a partner in a law firm for 14 years.  Although I worked as a staff attorney with the South Carolina Supreme Court following Law School, I have been a family law attorney since 1993, when I entered private practice in Columbia, South Carolina. I moved to Charlotte in 1995 and after passing the North Carolina Bar, I began my practice in North Carolina as well as continuing my practice in South Carolina. I am licensed to practice in North Carolina and South Carolina so that I can assist families in both States. I am Board Certified by the North Carolina State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization, and while South Carolina does not currently certify Family Lawyers, I maintain the highest level of training in both States.  I currently serve on the Family Law Council of both the North Carolina State Bar and the South Carolina State Bar. In addition, I am active in the local bars in the multiple jurisdictions where I appear on behalf of clients.

I am passionate about assisting people through family conflict in a manner that leaves them intact as a person. I am a trained mediator certified by the North Carolina Bar. I have been a member of the Mecklenburg Collaborative Law Practice Group since 2003. My priority is helping my clients determine the best method of resolving the specific issues that are relevant to their personal situation. Because court proceedings and hearings before a Judge are undesirable in most circumstances, I do recommend avoiding litigation whenever possible; that said, if litigation in a court of law is the best answer for you, I have been trained and seasoned in courtrooms throughout the years. And while no attorney can guarantee you a particular result (since each case is as individual as the parties involved), we at Touchstone Family Law promise to listen to you, to keep your interests at heart, and to respect you during this very difficult time.

Why I did I name my firm Touchstone Family Law instead of Sellers Law?  Because this firm is about so much more than me. This place is about you. At Touchstone, we want to be excellent. We want to be excellent lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants; excellent members of our profession; excellent members of our community; an excellent wealth of resources; and most of all, excellent people. We are committed to excellence for you.

When I am not focused on the law, family or friends, I immerse myself into books, movies and live theater. If I had any acting or musical talent at all, I would have moved to NYC and tried my hand in the theater – but I have enough sense to be in the audience and invest my professional life in my true talent of advocacy.

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