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Disagreements are a part of life. But when they turn into legal issues, disagreements can take over your life. The consequences of family conflicts can last a lifetime. It is understandable that people who are caught up in divorce, separation, custody battles or estate battles with former loved ones are scared. We know how hard it is to face the conflict and wrestle with the uncertainty of your future. We are here to help you get through your toughest moments. And just as important, we are here to help you plan your future. At Touchstone Family Law, we focus on helping you get what you need. Our team of professionals possesses a wealth of resources and knowledge to resolve your problems. We can help you.

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Our 3-Step Process is Rooted in Resolution.



The first step toward crafting a solution that works is to discover the complete picture of your situation. We want to hear all about your story, your claims and your goals. To do this, we’ll sit down with you for in-depth, face-to-face conversations – listening to you, learning the specifics of your case, and understanding how you will define success in your resolution.



After our initial intake phase, we will assemble the information, insights and goals that you have provided and develop a plan of action that will enable your best possible resolution. Our committed partnership with you will make you feel fully supported along the way – as we answer your questions, recommend the best direction, connect you with the right resources, and travel alongside you toward an empowered solution.



This is where the informed strategy comes to life. We will usher you through the inevitable chaos of family conflict and into a place where true resolution is achievable. Through discovering and crafting the right solution for you and your family, we can ensure that everyone’s rights and obligations will be memorialized, and you can step into your new future with confidence.

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